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Why Moncton?

With the amenities of a bigger city and fewer compromises, Moncton is the perfect place to live, work, and play. We have resources for anyone looking to join our community.

Our Economic Development Office will help you make the connections you need to thrive. Building a diverse and inclusive economy is what we’re all about!

The low cost of doing business in Moncton puts more money back in your pockets. We’re waiting for you to make your mark.

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Room to grow

The population of Moncton increased significantly by 7% to 91,085 in 2023.
For the second year in a row, Moncton CMA is the fastest-growing census metropolitan area in Canada. With an estimated 6.1% growth rate, the population increased from 168,620 in 2022 to 178,971 in 2023. In addition to the general population growth, about 7,000 more adults lived in the area as of last year.

We offer a broad customer base and a diversified labour force to help your business succeed.

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Strategically located

Our city is built around key transportation infrastructure linking us (and your business) to national and international markets. Locating your business in Moncton will allow you to reach over 1.4 million people within a short 2.5-hour drive, or an even shorter flight via the Greater Moncton International Airport.

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Financial incentives

With access to grants and incentives to get the most bang for your buck, Moncton is the clear location for entrepreneurs to kick start their business. Moncton Whether you’re starting or expanding, our incentive programs and partner organizations are here to back you up.

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How we can help

When you choose Moncton, you have a whole team to support you. Our Economic Development and Immigration team brings deep expertise of the market, population demographics, and local business intelligence to help you settle and grow in our city.

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Site selection

Our team can help you find the right location for your business anywhere in Moncton, whether you’re leasing or buying.

We have specialists in both the downtown core and surrounding areas, all within Moncton’s city limits.

Ways we can help:

  • Help developers identify cost-saving opportunities through our incentive programs
  • Identify and show entrepreneurs prime real estate locations in our city

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Labour market

Highly productive. Highly educated. Moncton’s workforce is renowned for the exceptional quality of their service. Between 2017–2022, the Moncton CMA labour market grew by 13%, making it among the top four best growth rates in 35 CMA's across Canada. Talk about an advantage!

Ways we can help:

  • Connect you with Moncton’s top talent
  • Provide insights on the area’s demographics
  • Share data on our city’s population growth, and segment needs
  • Identify business opportunities
  • Provide opportunities for newcomers and international students to find meaningful work

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Expansion resources

In Moncton, there's space for everyone. The City of Moncton has a number of incentive programs that can be tailored to the individual needs of your business or growth opportunity.

Ways we can help:

  • Unlock cost savings through financial incentive programs

  • Help you navigate municipal building permit processes
  • Connect you with local organizations that exist to help you start, expand, or relocate your business to Moncton

Make the move to Moncton

Whether you’re looking for your first Canadian home or the opportunity to grow your business, Moncton is a place where you can make your mark.​
  • The Financial Incentive Program has made this development possible and is a big help to offset costs. The downtown parcel for our building is in proximity to the Avenir Centre, and with Moncton's current housing demand we felt confident in our ability to rent it up.

    John N. Lafford

    J.N Lafford Realty Inc.

  • The Bikery's goal is to make bicycle transportation more accessible. Not only does the repair and reuse of bicycles encourage environmentally friendly transportation, but it is also a financially viable model that provides engagement opportunities for Moncton residents.

    Vincent Salary

    Director of Operations at La Bikery Co-operative

  • Moncton has always been very supportive of us, even when we were a small business in the 90's. Moncton is a vibrant city; people are looking for different things and I think there is a revival going on and we are part of it!

    Marc Theriault

    Owner of Calactus

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