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Life Is Good Here

Many cultural communities have found their home in Moncton, in large part due to the city’s unique benefits. Our welcoming people and limitless opportunities for employment, doing business, and going on adventures are just some of the things that make Moncton THE place to work, live, and play. It’s no wonder that in 2022, Resonance Consultancy ranked Moncton amongst the TOP 15 BEST SMALL CITIES! When you choose Moncton, you’re also choosing:

A Place to Live Your Best Life

Moncton has been named the most “Canadian” city, one of the best cities to raise a family, and one of the cities most considerate to strangers. The city’s friendly community, gorgeous landscapes, and clean water and air are unmatched. The quality of life here is outstanding, and you’ll have your pick of recreational, sporting, social, and cultural events to choose from.

Opportunities to Live, Work, and Learn in French

Since 46.9% of Moncton’s population is bilingual (English and French), you’ll have access to nationally renowned education and job opportunities in both official languages of the province. English, French, or both—the choice is yours!

Endless Outdoor Adventures

National and provincial parks are the perfect place to achieve work/life balance. Get outside and explore our many trail networks right here in the heart of the city or far out in the backcountry. Have you heard of our city’s unique tidal bore phenomenon? You don’t have to go far to find outdoor activities—Moncton is an urban centre amidst natural wonders.

A Community That Sets You Up For Success:

Moncton works hard to ensure newcomers and international students are provided the services they need to succeed and prosper. Our team continues to foster a cross-communal collaborative spirit, a thriving business environment, and opportunities for growth, no matter your interests or background. There is a place for everyone in Moncton!

A Maritime Climate with Warm Summers and Cozy Winters

Get outside, no matter the season. New Brunswick has four seasons with unique activities to try in each, including relaxing along Canada’s warmest saltwater beaches, exploring the highest tides in the world, backcountry hiking and camping, carving through snowy mountains on skis or snowboards, discovering enchanting forests of multicoloured trees, and much more.

An Enriching Cultural Experience

Drawing from our Indigenous, Acadian, and Celtic roots, we’re proud to share arts, music, dance, traditions, and more with our newcomer communities. Furthermore, we want to hear all about the aspects of new residents’ lives and cultures that contribute to enriching the local landscape. Many find friends from their countries of origin here - Moncton is a multicultural city made vibrant by its people from all backgrounds.

Finding Your Home Sweet Home in Moncton


The average home price in the Greater Moncton Area.*


Population growth rate for the Moncton CMA in 2022*

*Sources for above statistics

Explore What the City of Moncton Has to Offer

Building diverse and inclusive communities is what we’re all about. Together, we will continue to establish Moncton as the best place to live and do business. Refer to the below resources to get a taste of life here.

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