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This is The Place For Entrepreneurs

Moncton is the smart choice for businesses who want to start something new or expand. It’s at the heart of the East Coast of Canada, while also being strategically placed between the western United States and Europe. Combine that with a skilled workforce, modern infrastructure, and entrepreneurial culture, and it’s clear Moncton is THE place to make your mark.

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Premium Location

Moncton is built on an impressive transportation infrastructure. Not only is our city your gateway to the Canadian East Coast, it’s also a key entry point to Canada and the US. It’s no wonder that in 2022, Moncton ranked #1 by MoneySense Magazine for Best Place to Buy Real Estate in Canada.

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Dynamic Eastern Canadian Hub

Moncton offers you strategic access to world markets. Moncton runs on the Atlantic time zone (EST +1), which overlaps with both the European and US workday. This means you can do business with western Europe and the US all within the same workday. And if you need to get there in person, Moncton’s international airport is close by for easy travel.

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Easy Distribution

We have top-notch transportation infrastructure that makes distribution simple. Located in the most cost-competitive environment in Canada, it continues to support growth in the region’s manufacturing, tourism, and service sectors. No matter what your transportation or delivery needs, Moncton has you covered.

  • Moncton has always been very supportive of us, even when we were a small business in the 90's. Moncton is a vibrant city; people are looking for different things and I think there is a revival going on and we are part of it!

    Marc Theriault

    Owner, Calactus

  • The Financial Incentive Program has made this development possible and is a big help to offset costs. The downtown parcel for our building is in proximity to the Avenir Centre, and with Moncton's current housing demand we felt confident in our ability to rent it up.

    John N. Lafford

    J.N Lafford Realty Inc.

  • The Bikery's goal is to make bicycle transportation more accessible. Not only does the repair and reuse of bicycles encourage environmentally friendly transportation, but it is also a financially viable model that provides engagement opportunities for Moncton residents.

    Vincent Salary

    Director of Operations at La Bikery Co-operative

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