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Your Business Can Find a Place in Our Growing Economy

As an entrepreneur, the economic makeup of where you choose to do business is always top of mind. In Moncton, gross domestic product is trending upwards and is projected to continue to do so, which is great news for those looking to make their mark here. Keep reading for a review of our economic strengths, and our most promising sectors.


Moncton is the economic engine for the province of New Brunswick. Its multi-sector strength drives profit all around. Our economic strong points represent the foundation for you to start, build, or expand your business on. This is the place to be, we’re just waiting for you.

Our Economy Makes Moves for New Brunswick

Moncton is the economic and population growth engine for New Brunswick. Our multi-sector business environment is one of our biggest strengths, driving innovation on a regional level. From insurance to financial services, ICT to transportation, retail to business process outsourcing, and tourism to advanced manufacturing, we have it all.

Say Yes and Oui to a Bilingual Workforce

Moncton was the first official bilingual city in all of Canada. With almost half the population speaking both French and English, our city possesses the skilled, multilingual labour force needed to provide your customers exceptional service in both official languages of the province.

Let Moncton put Money Back in your Pocket

Moncton’s low-cost business environment gives your enterprise a competitive advantage. We want to positively impact your bottom line with affordable options from real estate to labour and technology—with financial incentives to make doing business here even more attractive. It’s no wonder that in 2022, Moncton was ranked #1 by MoneySense Magazine for Best Place to Buy Real Estate in Canada.

Our Economy Will Take Your Business Higher

The city boasts diverse real estate options and represents one of the top growing metropolitan economies in Canada. This city will be the catalyst for your business’ success via its strong entrepreneurial spirit, economies of scale, and support network for businesses. Our thriving local economy continues to grow year over year, and your business will be no different.

Your Advanced Manufacturing Firm Can Find a Home Here

Moncton Industrial Development (MID) is a non-profit corporation working to promote the advancement of the City of Moncton and our world class industrial parks. Whether yours is a new business moving to the community or an established local business, MID can help with:

  • Site selection through land purchase in the Moncton Industrial Park West, Caledonia Industrial Estates, and Moncton East Business Park
  • Providing information on available manufacturing, warehousing, and office space available for lease or purchase.
  • Information and data on the city of Moncton and specifically industrial parks.

Business Sectors

Industries are thriving in Moncton. No matter where your business fits into the equation, there is room for you to make your mark. These are some of our strongest performing sectors in the region. Talk about being in good company!

Robust Financial Services

Many financial heavyweights, including the RBC Royal Bank and Tangerine, are flocking here for Moncton’s strategic location, talented workforce, and low cost of doing business. Access to first-class infrastructure, exceptional employees, and a strong supply chain are a few reasons why the financial sector is flourishing here. With our thriving economy, businesses and financial services are set to continue their steady growth.

Strong Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Sector

With niches in gaming technologies and animation, financial technologies, and cyber security, Moncton’s tech-savvy reputation continues to grow. A smart city mindset, combined with cutting-edge fibre optic connectivity, keeps Moncton’s ICT sector surging. Whether you’re in the ICT business, or need strong support from the sector, Moncton has what you need. Our ICT sector is thriving, rich in infrastructure and expertise, and continuing to attract and retain high-quality talent.

Extensive Business Process Outsourcing

With one of the lowest cost environments in all of North America and Europe for professional services, bringing your business is a smart move. Engineering services, marketing solutions, infrastructure development firms, real estate expertise, Moncton has it all! The city’s connections to solutions for outsourcing demands makes Moncton the ideal location for your business.

Established Reputation in Insurance

Assumption Life, Intact Insurance, The Co-Operators, and Medavie Blue Cross are just some of the companies that call Moncton home. With big contenders already in place, Moncton has an established reputation of meeting all the needs of the insurance sector, both commercial and private. No matter the asset you’re wanting to insure, Moncton has you covered so you can get back to doing business.

Vibrant Retail Sector

As a retail and tourism magnet, Moncton brings clients right to your business. Greater Moncton employs well over 20,000 people working in tourism related fields, creating an impressive economy of scale and consequently lowering training costs when it comes to the skilled labour force in this field. Our city a bustling retail hub with plenty of opportunities to innovate in retail as Moncton has that small town potential with big city amenities!

High-Capacity Transportation Hub

Moncton’s transportation infrastructure is helping businesses make moves. We have 180 operating firms in transportation, logistics, and warehousing. Not to mention high-calibre regional distribution centres, and a top-notch air and rail system to offer solutions for any type of business. Our wide-ranging public transit routes also help get employees to work safely and reliably.

Gaming and Animation

Gaming and animation firms are increasingly making their mark on Moncton. Anchored by Casino New Brunswick, the ecosystem includes The Atlantic Lottery Corporation, International Game Technology (IGT, formerly Gtech S.p.A. and Lottomatica S.p.A.), and CGI Global Inc.—all leaders in the gaming industry. Other smaller, dynamic game development firms also have studios here, including Gogii Games and Pitch Mobile. Don’t underestimate our city’s dazzling capabilities in the technology sector.

Connect with one of our Economic Development Officers that will make it their personal mission to help your business grow in Moncton.

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