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Growing With Momentum, Backed by Research

Moncton is an economic powerhouse. Our economy is robust and continues to grow steadily ­ real GDP is forecasted to hit $8.5B in 2023, $8.6B in 2024, $8.8B in 2025, and $8.9B in 2026. Whether you’re looking to start a new project or expand your existing business, you can make your mark in Moncton.

Greater Moncton has 54 post-secondary institutions that cumulatively employ approximately 5,000 people in the education field, so our workforce is skilled and diverse. Not to mention, sixty-seven percent (or two out of every three) French speakers arriving in New Brunswick in 2021 were destined for the Moncton Census Metropolitan Area, making Moncton’s student base overwhelmingly bilingual.

The number of people in the Moncton CMA labour market expanded by 10,200 between March 2017 and March 2022. This represented a 13% increase in the size of the labour market the fourth best growth rate among the 35 CMAs across Canada. Moncton is a great place to set up shop as this trend continues and your search for skilled employees becomes even easier.

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Thriving Sectors

Moncton’s diversified sectors mean we are ready to serve all your needs, and the opportunities are in place for you to grow.

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Aerospace and Advanced Manufacturing

World-class companies are leading the way in the aerospace, defense, forestry, mining, oceans, and oil & gas industries. You could be next!

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Transportation and Logistics

With Moncton located in a strategic corridor, connecting East to West and the US to Canada, transportation and imports/exports are one of our main sectors.

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Finance and Insurance

Moncton is right on the money when it comes to the financial and industry, especially as the area grows. Make your mark here.

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Info and Communication Technology

Moncton has strength in geomatics, ocean tech, digital health, SaaS, fin-tech, cybersecurity, and telecommunications.

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Professional Services

The opportunity for businesses in the professional services sector is second to none whether you’re starting out, expanding, or relocating.

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Food and Beverage

Moncton is a hub for high-calibre restaurants and bars. We guarantee our city’s international range of options for food and beverage is as versatile as your palate.

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